Do you dream of a tailor-made vegan shoe? But how does it work?


How much does it cost?

it all depends on the model and its complexity. The price also varies according to the type of service: do you want a custom-made shoe made in every way for your feet or a unique model but a classic size, 37, 39, …?
Depending on your desires, the confection will be in France or Spain, it also affects the price. Anyway, count between 650 and 1200 euros and to refine a little more, let’s meet!


Do we have to do it in advance?

If you have an event, a wedding, a specific day when you want to wear a unique vegan pair, it is important to start the project several months in advance.
It usually takes 3 months for you to leave with your pair. Count 4 for an important date.

In case of emergency or irresistible desire we can adapt the project so that it can be completed in 4 weeks.


What are the steps in creating a custom-made pair of shoes?

– First of all, we meet over coffee or on the phone to discuss your desires and even your dreams. It is always interesting to send us inspiring photos, visuals, colors by email as well.

– I propose you a quote as well as an atmosphere sheet and a specification of what I can create for this budget.

– Some time later, you discover a folder with several drawings of proposals, materials, photomontages and we exchange on what you like, what you want to change, etc…. to arrive at a model drawing that you validate.

– The search for shapes, components, materials is launched and the first prototype finally arrives for you to try it out. We check the lines, the finishes and the footwear, i.e. your comfort.

– Once the corrections made to the pattern and each material and colour have been validated, the manufacturing of your pair starts.

– I deliver them to you or send them to you in their home box.


And if you are not satisfied?

It depends on the steps.
I am here to correct and adapt to your wishes but if you don’t like any of the drawings (I can offer you several corrected ones)
and you want to stop the process, then you only pay 50% of the mission, corresponding to the time spent on the design.

On prototypes, we correct them together to achieve perfection. If you ever change your mind and come back to a validation once the pair is finished I can’t offer you a refund. Custom-made products cannot be resold and are therefore not subject to the consumer retractation period.

If, on the other hand, the pair is defective or not in conformity, I will consider a refund of 10 to 50% depending on the defect.
And of course the ideal is to discuss it and we always find a solution together!


Who am I to make your shoe dream come true?

I have been a shoe designer for several years and have always been passionate about it! In addition to my sensitivity to art, fashion, design and architecture, I draw my inspiration from pop culture, boot tradition, your history…

What makes your dreams come true is also all the technical know-how of quality and production that I have learned from master blacksmiths, boot makers and industrialists. After having created collections for brands such as Zara, Leon and Harper, Promod, I created the vegan Cémélé brand and I accompany others on small lines or capsule collections.


Is a vegan pair strong and comfortable?

Yes, by making the right choices, and that’s why I’m here! Vegan materials can be waterproof, breathable, beautiful depending on their quality and the way they are processed.
The quality of manufacture of your pair is ensured by top-of-the-range craft workshops that take care of the smallest details. You can go there with your eyes closed ( or by admiring your feet…).



Let’s start this journey